New Orleans

Many visitors flock to New Orleans, Louisiana, annually for the world famous dining opportunities, Mardi Gras festivals, sporting events, theater & music festivals. But, many have not considered the fact that New Orleans is also a Sportsman’s Paradise for fishing.NOLAfishing

Anglers from around the world visit New Orleans annually.  The vast amount of waterways, lakes and bayous offer year round opportunities for anglers to catch Redfish, Speckled Trout, Bass, Flounder, Black Drum, and many other species of fish.  There is a multitude of great fishing spots that you can get to when you Charter a Guided Fishing Trip from New Orleans.

Hot Spots To Fish

The Flounder Hole” is a regular spot for Charter Captains to take you to when fishing out of New Orleans.  If the tide is falling, putting a live bait, such as shrimp or croaker on a sliding cork is sure to land you an ice chest of Flounder. If the tide is rising, you will want to change it up some.  Start by using the same bait, but on a 24 inch leader, with a sliding sinker, and fish the bottom.  You will find your guide will move you around to put you on the fish, unless you luck up and hit that honey hole early in your trip.

Another New Orleans fishing hot spot is “The Hump”.  This is a shell pile in the lake that is near the end of a dredged channel.  Finding this location would be tough on your own, but the experienced Charter Boat Captains know how to get there.  You will fish this area the same way you would “The Flounder Hole”. Each Charter Boat Captain will have their favorite spots that produce fish for their clients.

The Seabrook Bridge,  is located near the Lakefront Airport.  When crossing that bridge on most given days, you will see an armada of fishing and crabbing boats.  In fact, usually seven days a week, twelve months out of the year.  This is speckled-trouta spot in Louisiana that provides the largest Speckled Trout for anglers in size and quantity.  One reason this is such a hot spot is the shrimp, and small finfish, from the lake that are pushed into the channel providing a huge concentration of bait for the predator fish, like the Speckled trout.  

Fresh and Brackish Bass

Your Charter Fishing Trip may include a fresh water, or brackish (low salinity) trip that supports both fresh water & salt water fish alike.   Bass Fish are a very popular species of sport fish in Louisiana.  Many Bass tournaments are held in and around New Orleans.  “The City Park Big Bass Fishing Rodeo”, a world class fishing tournament, was founded in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1946. It is held annually in New Orleans’ City Park, and it is the country’s oldest freshwater fishing tournament on record.


The tackle needed to fish these inshore areas are typically spinning and bait casting outfits, using braided line on the spool.  Charter Fishing Boat Captains most often throw soft plastics lures, but can be seen from time to time using fresh bait with their clients to get the “bite on”.  Included in your price for a Charter Trip out of New Orleans will be the cleaning and bagging of your days catch to carry home.

Beauty All Around

When fishing the New Orleans, LA area you will want to be sure and have your camera ready.  NOLA waterways, lakes and bayous have some of the most beautiful scenery that the world has to offer.  Just as inteswampresting as the memories you can capture from the French Quarter, will be the ones you can capture in Louisiana’s beautiful fishing locations.  You
will have the opportunity for some great pictures of alligators, blue and white heron, bald eagles, pelicans, many variety of ducks, nutria and raccoons.  Beautiful Cypress Trees and native plants, flowers and landscape are just what we here call “lagniappe”.

If your plans are to visit New Orleans, LA in the near future for leisure or business, be sure and add a Guided Fishing Trip to your list of things to do. Many Charter Fishing Captains have four star lodging available as well, if you do not wish to travel back into the city to spend your nights.  If you are traveling back to the city, transportation to and from the city, French Quarter and the New Orleans Airport can be arranged.